Behind Enemy Lines or Are They?

Charlie Behrens

Act of Valor Silhouette. Digital image. Wild Sound Movies. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. <;.

 This image represents the stealth actions drilled into all Navy SEAL’s, which allows them to effectively go behind enemy lines without their existence being known.

The image shows two figures, presumably men, standing in dark, waist-high water. The two men are the center of the image because they are the largest things in sight. Both men are holding large guns in their hands and are looking in different directions as if they are scoping out the perimeter.  The man on the left is wearing a hat while the man on the right appears to be wearing a head mask. The men are dark silhouettes in the relatively lighter background, which is still dark and looks to be dusk.  Bright lights can be seen in the background, which signifies a coastal town or city. In the far off background there stands a mountain, which appears to be illuminated by the setting sun. The complete darkness of the two men puts on the appearance that they are trying to be stealth in their actions especially since they almost blend in with the dark water. Both men appear to be focused and ready for action telling by their stance and how they are holding their weapons.

From the image the viewer is given the impression that this is a top secret mission where being seen is not an option. The Navy SEAL’s specialize in aquatic environments and will opt for entrance to a destination by means of a body of water. Most missions are done at dawn, which is a time where there is still a small amount of visible light, but their camouflage and training in stealth actions allows them to move about virtually unseen. The reason for there only being two men is because the SEAL’s work in small groups that enter a predestined location from different points, to maximize stealth, and meet up with others to carry out the mission as a unit. The guns are standard M4A1 Assault Rifles, which allow for automatic firepower as well as an attached grenade launcher, which can be seen underneath the barrel. Navy SEAL’s rarely wear the protective helmets worn by most U.S. Military personnel and instead opt for the boonie hat which can be seen on the soldier on the left. The boonie hat was originated in the Vietnam War, the first war the SEAL’s were utilized in upon their creation, due to the brim’s ability to block the sun as well as keep rain and water out of the soldier’s eyes. This soldier is using his boonie hat so he can rise from the water and have clear vision of the surrounding without having to wipe his eyes.

In this scene of the movie the soldiers are on a search and rescue mission in the Philippines to rescue a captured undercover CIA agent who was taken by a Jihadist group. Their mission was to get in and out with the agent because her phone held important information that could lead to the prevention of a major attack on the U.S. When the SEAL’s are called into action it is because the country’s safety is at stake.

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