Den of Thieves

1992, 184 x 250

The cover to the book “Den of Thieves” reveals the general concept of the book as shady people and illegal dealings.

At the very top of the cover is the outline of four men, whose heights are so staggered that they are most likely going down stairs. There are lines in front of them that make it seem as if you are looking through a window at them. On the front, a quote reads, “ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE ‘80s FOUR MEN NEARLY DESTROYED WALL STREET. NOW A PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING REPORTER TELLS THEIR STORY, HOW THEY MADE BILLIONS AND HOW THEY GOT CAUGHT.” Underneath of this text the title of the book reads “ DEN OF THIEVES” and below that is the name of the author, James B. Stewart. The rest of the cover is completely black.

Den of Thieves is a book about the greatest scandal on Wall Street to ever occur. This is introduced on the cover by the quote above the title. It reveals that the story of the book is about four men and that they must have done something awful to make money, and that they eventually got caught. The four men at the top of the cover are the most symbolic part of the cover. They are seen through a window, but they not able to be made out. This is because throughout the entire story the men do their deeds in secret. They are not visible to anybody, including each other. They stay so secret so as not to get caught, even though they eventually were. The four men are all at different heights because of their different level of involvement. The ringleader was the most powerful man in the world financially; he controlled an entire industry of bonds. Meanwhile the lowest ranking man was nothing more than your average trader, who happened to be very good at networking. All four of the men traded information, they were caught because of a slip up by the lowliest member of the group, and the guilt ran all the way up through to the most powerful man on Wall Street.  The rest of the cover is completely black. This is because of the immorality of what these men did. None of their dealings were legal. The money they made was through insider trading which is illegal. They also created an industry, which eventually crashed, putting people into millions of dollars worth of debt and almost destroying Wall Street. These men committed an awful crime, they were caught, and this picture describes the entire incident.

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  1. This was a tough picture to curate on simply because there is very little going on in the cover, but you still managed to make a good argument in spite of the lack of detail given by the picture.

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