All For One and One For All

All For One and One For All


Selfishness amongst players and coaches is killing sports.


Emerson states that we must become nonconformists in order not to be swayed by public opinion, which is not always good.  This is a double-edged sword in terms of how a balanced must be reached between self infatuation and the perception of your peers.


Al Golden is now the new coach for the Miami hurricanes, who have been in the news lately for negative not positive reasons.  Selfishness is a subject coach Golden is determined to address this fall.  The Miami Hurricanes football program has always been known for having a swagger or a chip on their shoulder if you will, but Golden has voiced his opinion that this swagger has gotten out of hand.  With the possibility of NCAA sanctions looming over the program, Golden is determined to rehabilitate the Canes public image.


Emerson speaks of a line that must be walked, coach Golden agrees with Emerson in the sense that you can be confident but not cocky.  The confidence is good for players because it gives them the faith in themselves to boosts their performance on the field, but ones play can also be hindered by cockiness.


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