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Many people who travel west to Los Angeles, in hopes of fulfilling the American Dream of riches and success, get swept up in the extravagant lifestyle that is available to anyone who can afford it.  Sadly, many find themselves unable to keep up with the demands of these luxurious complexes.

The photograph shows an outdoor view of an apartment complex. There is a pool that has been illuminated from underwater. Lounge chairs surround the entire pool but they are all empty. There are palm trees and other tropical plants lining the edge of the complex. All of the outdoor lights are on in the center building. It is unclear whether the lighting choices in the image are to enhance the aesthetic of the apartments or if it is simply an automated switch once it is evening. The sky is dark, but cloudless and serene, adding to the idealistic image the picture is trying to convey. The building is four stories tall and remains unlit on the right and left sides. In the center of the image, part of the building becomes cylindrical and it is painted a different color. At the top of this complex is a lighted ring, whose purpose is unclear.

Apartment complexes, such as this one, try and persuade people into paying outrageous rent fees by justifying it with the environment in which you would be living. Some design their apartments to function and appear like resorts, for anyone who has saved enough money to enjoy an endless vacation from the comfort of their own home. Even the cheapest and smallest apartments cost well over $1,000 a month. For that price many only get a single bedroom and living room. Location is also key in determining the price of an apartment. Apartments that are closer to landmark locations, such as Hollywood, are often much more expensive. Information and tourist traps such as this are used as justification for the prices. Potential buyers often get fiercely competitive when trying to score the next cheapest apartment that becomes available. The hunt for the right apartment is arguably equally as competitive and difficult to find as the occupations people moved out west to pursue. It can be daunting to move to such a fast paced and economically demanding part of the country but the allure of being able to one day live in the wealthiest neighborhood could possibly be the incentive needed to make a dream career a reality.



  1. You seem to know a lot about apartments and trying to find a place to live in the Los Angeles Area. This is good because you can provide some information about where your picture is and what part of the world it exhibits, but i think you went a little overboard with the background information. Some of your sentences seemed fractured and randomly inserted like some of the sentences in this comment. Overall you did a great job of describing the picture so that someone can imagine it without having to see it first. It is good that you explained how many people who go out to LA to try and live the dream life find out that its not the perfect dream they expected.

  2. I like the amount of information that was provided about the topic. One could read your work and gain a good sense of what living in Los Angeles would be like, and what not to do. This curation seems more or less like a travel or how-to guide. Some of the sentences were a little wordy, but I don’t think it really hinders your message or curation.

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