Virtual Hopscotch

“Overweight Child Playing Virtual Hopscotch on Console.” CartoonStock. N.p.,
n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2012. <


The cartoon illustrates that a lack of exercise and an excess of unhealthy food at a young age will result in overweight children.

In this cartoon there is a young girl enjoying a doughnut while intently watching her television set which is playing something from a video game console located next to the screen which displays text that says “Virtual Hopscotch”. Equipped with a soft drink and a bag of chips, the plump child smiles happily while looking at the TV. In the background of the cartoon is a window with the shades open looking out to a clear sunny day.

If this girl was playing video games at night or during a rainy day it wouldn’t cause anyone to question the scene but since the sun is clearly shining outside, the child should be out there enjoying the day and being active. The “Virtual Hopscotch” game probably doesn’t exist but it seems to be poking fun at all of the games that take an active outdoor activity and make it into a game that requires little effort and movement to play. Madden Football for example takes a highly physical game and makes it require a fractional amount of effort to play and therefor builds no strength and requires no energy.

This girl is overweight and the reason for the size of people is what they put into their body and the amount of energy that they use. Since the girl is putting pastries, chips and soda into her body and the only energy she is exerting is the energy to smile and look at a TV and breath. Although the plump little girl looks pleased with her life, her size is bound to horribly affect her social life, career and health.

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  1. Lindsay,

    I really like this curation. You use such good descriptive language that you are able to paint a picture in my mind of all the things you discuss in this piece. The whole curation comes alive because of the choice descriptive words you use.

    One thing that I think might help tighten up your piece is if you link your thesis to the middle of your second paragraph better. With either an edit to your thesis that ties in video games, or a conclusion sentence of that second paragraph that quickly ties the hopscotch back into unhealthy food and overweight kids you will be good to go. (it’s not that i don’t see the connection without it or anything, but something simple just to smoothen out that transition can’t hurt).


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