ostrich hat

ostrich hat

The Ostrich Pillow revolutionizes the idea of sleep anywhere with a snug warm and quiet environment in which to sleep.

A man rests peacefully sitting relaxed with his legs crossed in an airport. Next to him sits his luggage, and the background is out of focus but shows one or two travelers going about their business. On his head sits an odd pillow shaped object that makes him look slightly like a grey headed martian with no eyes. There appear to be large ears on the side of the pillow hat and a small opening for the mouth and nose so the person wearing it can still breathe. But, because he seems to be sleeping, and the object seems to be one of comfort, they are probably not ears. Sleeping usually takes peace and quiet to achieve and the advantage of a pillow like this would be blocking out the sound of distractions. He seems to be sitting alone in an airport, where they always tell you not to leave unattended baggage. This might not be the best place to sleep alone but on the actual airplane this pillow hat could prove to be much more useful than those cheap inflatable neck pillows.

This picture looks to be a promotion for a revolutionary, but somewhat odd looking new product. The best light in which i might present this pillow hat is a conversation starter, but unfortunately due to the nature of the sleep aid, conversation is clearly trumped by comfort. It could be your best friend on long train or plane rides, or it could simply be a ridiculous hat. By the facial expression the man at the center of the picture seems to be sleeping, but because of the ridiculous hat you can only see his mouth and nose. His ears seem to be comfortably quieted from any distraction and the openings of the hat that seem to resemble ears are most likely to put your hands into so you can sleep on top of your hands while commuting. The bright side to having your ears covered in addition to the obvious blindfold is that you don’t have to listen to other travelers discussing your ridiculous hat. But if you did hear what they were saying they would only be jealous remarks in the face of their discomfort because they cannot see your face.

Traveling is an interesting game, you see many people briefly that you will never see again, and some people have different approaches to this interaction. Some choose to simply shut out the world with earbuds, blindfolds, sleep or any manner of distractions. Some choose to observe at a distance with things like sunglasses and peripherals. The Ostrich pillow is definitely the first option but it does it with the combination and comfort of shutting out the world and giving the wearer its own comfy micro environment within which to sleep.

Ostrich Pillow offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease
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  1. This picture is definitely an interesting one; you seem to have a very good understand of what this ostrich pillow is made for. It will be interesting to see if more and more people show up with this product in airports. All though the concept is interesting, the ridiculousness of its appearance may cause people to stay away. Regardless, you went into good detail about the picture and what it could mean, but i would advise you to try to separate the description from the interpretation just a little bit more. I felt like you used too much of what you read about the ostrich hat in the first paragraph rather than just stating what you saw. Otherwise, very good job!

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