No One Will Forget

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 caused American citizens extreme emotional damage that still affects the country today.

The black-and-white picture above displays three clearly distraught people. There are two women lead by one man. The three are linking hands, pulling each other away from what’s behind them. All three characters are covered in dust and the two women appear to be crying. The man guiding them seems to know where they are going, but has a pained expression. Behind them is what looks to be a city street. However, it is not in its normal condition. Everywhere there is ruble, dust, and chaos. There are people in the street that are also covered in dust and frantically walking to safety, seemingly confused by the situation. Everywhere in the picture is chaos.

This picture is the aftermath chaos of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It captures one of the worst events in United States history. The street portrayed is most likely a street in New York City under or near the World Trade Center Towers. The debris and dust you see in the background that covers every inch is the left over of the fallen towers and surrounding damaged buildings. The three people in the picture show the emotion of what the whole country was feeling that day: utter horror. That day, 2,996 people were killed and 343 of them were fireman. The nationally televised event stopped the world for all American families. People had to sit in their living rooms and watch while their fellow people, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, and so forth jump out of high storied windows, suffocate inside the building, and eventually collapse with the buildings. Relatives and lovers of the people who died that day were not the only ones affected by the tragic event. The terrorist attacks on 9/11 were the first major terrorist attack the United States had experienced. It sparked fear in many and woke people up to the realization that America is not invincible. The attacks resulted in many government and national changes in order to prevent further terrorism and comfort the hysteria it caused among the American population. Just a few of these changes included high-level airport security, warrantless surveillance, and compensation programs. Whether it was anger, sadness, revenge, confusion, etc., the American population was deeply effected. Still even today people those emotions have not passed. It is extremely common to find someone who remembers exactly where they were the day of 9/11. It was a tragedy that was imprinted on every American citizen and will forever tint American history.

Fireman leads 9/11 victims to safety photograph. Digital image. No Caption Needed. N.p., 26 July 2007. Web. 20 Sept. 2012. <>.

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  1. You did a very good job of describing the photo and explaining the scene in detail. It would be interesting to look more in depth to the cause and effect of this photo, what happened before and how the country has changed since. You start to do this, but continue with these thoughts! A more thorough analysis will add more content to your Curation, and will help prove your thesis statement. Overall, well done! The Curation is very informative and your writing makes it easy to see the damage caused by the terrorist attacks.

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