Wall Street

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This picture displays the contrast of good and evil between these two characters.

This movie poster for the movie “Wall Street” is of two men dressed in suits, which would be the typical attire for a man working on Wall Street. In print in front of them are their names, Shia LaBeouf and Michael Douglas, and the phrase, Wall Street -Money Never Sleeps. Shia LaBeouf is wearing a light grey suit and tie and the background behind him is grey as well. Michael Douglas is wearing a very dark blue suit and the background behind him is completely black. Both of the men have very serious faces. The Michael Douglas is slightly taller and also just behind Shia LaBeouf.

The very first thing that I notice when I look at this picture is the men’s’ serious faces. They appear to be almost angry. They are also facing slightly different directions, which insinuates that they are turning their backs on each other, and are therefore competitors. The next most noticeable feature of this picture is definitely the contrast in colors. First we will look at Shia LeBouf. He wears a grey suit and the background behind him is completely grey as well. This grey coloring is a perfect blend between white and black, which means that Shia LeBouf is probably right in between good and evil. Michael Douglas is wearing a very dark blue suit, but the background behind him is completely black. The black background symbolizes both his role in the movie and how horrible his past was. In the first Wall Street movie he played Gordon Gecko, who was arrested for insider trading. The black is behind him, he is now out of jail and the movie poster displays this. The blue suit also displays the fact that he is past his black past because although it is very dark it is not completely black and he does have some good in him. The text to this poster says Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps. This phrase alludes to the fast pace and continuous action that the movie will display.

This image represents the movie well because in it Shia LeBouf is a young gun stock broker who is trying to make it, while Michael Douglas is a former criminal, yet still a bit of a legend in the financial world. Shia LeBouf wants to make an honest living and asks for Michael Douglas’s help, but they become competitive, and Michael Douglas ends up hurting Shia LeBouf’s career. Shia is a pure and good character in the movie, although some members of the media can see Wall Street in a negative light, which is why I believe he wears a grey suit, the industry he is in taints his pure motives in the eyes of certain people.


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  1. The entirety of the curation is very well written, however i feel like you could have expanded on your thesis a bit more. It is vague and could be better developed. Overall though, excellent job of analyzing.

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