everything doesnt last forever


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Gordon Bailey

Everything doesn’t last forever

Two gangs in Los Angles County have been engaged in a violent struggle since the early nineteen seventies, this bloody battle has left its mark on the city of Los Angeles physically and emotionally.  There were few who thought the feud between the two factions would ever stop, because of steady increase in membership and the fact that the violence spans several generations.  In nineteen ninety-two the two gangs set down their weapons and united to fight police brutality and injustice.  The reason for this cease-fire was the innocent verdict four Los Angles police officers received in the famous Rodney King trial.  Shortly after the trial concluded a series of riots took place that grew to such since and severity it required the National Guard to disband.  The riots in Los Angles gave these two major African American gangs a reason to band together to fight the common battle for social equality.

In this image depicting the nineteen ninety-two peace treaty between the Bloods and Crips you can see the city on fire in the background representing the looting and burning that was taking place during the riots. The two leaders of these two sets are handing each other their guns and flags showing their commitment to the peace.  The graffiti in the background also has meaning; the mailbox has been tagged up or spray-painted with a red symbol marking that sets drug territory.  The fact that the two lead members could have done this meeting privately, but they chose to do it publically to send the message to Crips and Bloods inside the outside of Los Angles that the violence needed to stop.  Unfortunately the peace did not last, after the riots had ended and the two different groups settled back into their normal routine they were reminded how the conflict had begun in the first place, the gangs had changed their attitudes but it didn’t change the fact that they were still fighting over the same drug turf.  In reflection the movement would have been successful if the two factions had a legitimate way to make a dollar and constructive ways to spend their time, these people are products of their environment.  A wise man once said “I live in the ghetto, but the ghetto doesn’t live in me”.


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  1. I really liked your curation and the picture you chose because it was a very unique subject about an event that I was not familiar with. I thought your description of the photo was very well described, for example, when you said “The graffiti in the background also has meaning; the mailbox has been tagged up or spray-painted with a red symbol marking that sets drug territory. “ I thought it was a very unique and interesting detail, which I didn’t quite notice at first when looking at the picture. One comment I have for your first paragraph would be that I wasn’t sure which sentence was your statement and I think it could have been clearer for the reader. I thought your last sentence of your curation was very clever and I liked how you ended with the quote “I live in the ghetto, but the ghetto doesn’t live in me”. I thought it fit perfectly with your picture and what you were describing. One last piece of advice I would give is maybe include more description of the picture because there is a lot going on and I feel like you only touched on only a few of the details. Your first paragraph does a good job of stating what the picture is about, but you had a lot of facts that demonstrated too much analysis. I also really liked your title, “Everything doesn’t last forever”. I thought it was very creative and you seemed to really understand the deeper meaning behind the photo based off your description.

    – Nicole Appleby

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