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In a sea of people it can be difficult for one to stand out and make an impression. People are generally focused on themselves and do not acknowledge those around them. However, those who do manage to stand out from the crowd are not always viewed in a positive light.

The image above is the album cover by the band A Day to Remember. The first thing that catches the viewers eye in this image is the man trapped in the hourglass. He is wearing a jacket but it is unclear how formal it is. If it is a business suit than the image could convey someone who is overwhelmed by work and is struggling to keep his head above water. The same amount of anxiety and helplessness could be attributed to an average citizen, struggling with any manner of issues, ranging anywhere from poverty to social anxiety. The background shows a variety of people, each going about their daily lives, completely oblivious to the man trapped. People in our society are so consumed with themselves and their own issues that they can’t bother helping anyone to lessen the burden. Each individual represented is unique.  There is a girl on the left who appears to be a student and next to her is a man covered in tattoos. On the left there is a woman in a green jacket holding a child followed by a man in a sharp suit. Each of these people carries unique characteristics when looked at individually but it is far more common and natural to look at the image as a whole and merely see citizens of an urban society. Each person’s status is lowered when looking at them in the context of the image. They are all doing the same thing and the only true distinguishing characteristic is their wardrobe.

The album cover is really about someone wanting to be recognized amongst an endless see of forgettable faces. Once we are placed in our environment and it starts to affect our behavior, we quickly look for ways of occupying ourselves that separate us from one another.Thousands of people go into the same field of study but it is the ones who strive to go above and beyond what is required that stand out. I think the man in the hourglass is in a rut and is struggling trying to find a way to make an impact after numerous failures, which is why he feels like he is running out of time. Everyone has the capability to affect change if they apply themselves to the task at hand and remain diligent in their work.


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  1. You did a good job of examining the image from many different perspectives. I really like the idea of him wearing a business jacket and barely being able to keep his head above the water. It was important to point out the apparent uncaring looks of the people walking by this man who seems to be in trouble. The difference between the look of the people walking was also an important concept, as they all seem to be doing the same thing but they also seem to represent different walks of life. I particularly like how you noticed the man in the hourglass’ hands on the glass trying to seize the attention of people walking by minding their own business.

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