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The Enneagram Made Easy. 2009. Search Overdrive. Web. 9 Sept. 2012.
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The Enneagram: Personality Profiling

In a world with over seven billion unique individuals, it is possible to classify people into nine different categories defined by personality types. In the image above, the authors of a popular book display a method for this categorization.

The book cover draws the observer in with a bright yellow spiral pattern and a mixture of images and text. The title: “The Enneagram Made Easy,” along with the subtitle: “Discover the 9 Types of People,” present the book as a simple display of information about personality types. The accompanying image is a cartoonish illustration of nine caricatures, which correspond with the nine personality types, surrounding a silhouetted face with a question mark in the middle. Each of the nine caricatures is accompanied by a number and a title that coincides with the action that they are doing. At the bottom the names of the two authors are displayed in cursive, a different font from the title and subtitle but the same as the one used for the caricatures’ titles.

The book cover features the nine different personality types that the authors have chosen to present in a way that seems fun and comprehensible. In fact, the whole cover seems as though it is trying to appeal to an audience that wants straight forward, easy to understand information about the enneagram. The topic of the book could be seen as controversial seeing as many people do not like to be “labeled” or “pigeonholed,” however, presenting the book in a simple, almost childlike way might help to lessen the negative connotations associated with personality profiling. The image can be received in many different ways depending on whether or not you have any past experiences or knowledge of the enneagram. To the average person the idea that there are only nine personality types in the world may seem ludicrous. However, if a person has studied the enneagram or even heard about it through word of mouth before hand then they will much more likely to have a positive reaction to the image and the book in general.

“Making the Enneagram Easy,” successfully illustrates the nine different personality types that exist in the world. It is important to note that the classifications are not made to judge people or define them in a single word, but rather to help them interact with one another and form stronger relationships with deeper understandings of how different people function.



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  1. This is a very fundamentally sound curation. I really liked how you started off by getting right into your thesis. If I got hit by a “Mack Truck,” as Dr. Anderson likes to say, I’d at least know exactly what your position was and what you were writing about.
    I also enjoyed your progression of ideas. You started out with a very elegant description of the photo, and then went on to dive deeper and interpret it using evidence — well done.

    It was excellent overall, but the one aspect I’d change is that you sort of played both sides. Initially I thought you were going to rip this image apart for unfairly trying to classify all seven billion people into just nine categories – which would have been excellent by the way.
    However, you finished up by defending the image’s content.

    This is extremely organized and well written, I’d just love see you voice your opinion a bit more strongly. Amazing job, though. Great curation.

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