Area 51



The picture above is used as a deterrent for curious on-lookers, extra-terrestrial enthusiasts, and sight-seers.

Area 51 was built in the late 1950s. The testing facility stays about 90 miles away from Las Vegas on the shores of Groom Lake. Area 51 was initially created as a testing site for secret military spy planes. The CIA chose a desert in Nevada because of it’s remote location and accessibility to a large, dry lake bed needed to land the planes. The government refused to acknowledge the validity of Area 51’s existence until September 29, 1995. All buildings and facilities surrounding Groom Lake are among the most secret on the planet. Security is so impenetrable, some people still choose to consider it a myth. On top of surveillance cameras and security planes, Area 51 is patrolled 24/7 by guards known as “camo-dudes.” There are hangar doors built into the sides of mountains that automatically shut when satellites travel overhead. The United States government is willing to keep this location secure at all costs.

The picture above is an actual warning posted on the perimeters of Area 51. What is going on that’s so top secret, anyone can be shot for walking a few steps too far? I firmly believe there are more than just jets being tested on the outskirts of Groom Lake. Something along the lines of alien life isn’t too far-fetched for many minds to conceive.

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  1. This picture is a perfect summarization of the mystery that is Area 51. The fact that Area 51 is referred to as a “non-existent area” on a sign that is hung upon a fence stationed to keep people out of the area is almost comical. It is certainly an interesting place that would provoke the need to explore if it weren’t for the words at the bottom saying, “use of actual deadly force authorized”. When I see a sign like this I am led to believe that there is something going on at Area 51 that is top secret.
    I liked the summary of Area 51 to let the reader know some background information of it. This makes the reader more informed on the picture they are looking at and why the sign is worded the way it is. The post was a little short as far as writing is concerned but it still tackles all of the necessary details. The picture itself is fairly self-explanatory to understand the subject.

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