Apple Vs. Samsung

Apple Vs. Samsung Dan Simons Report CNN

Apple has been in battle with Samsung since before the death of Steve Jobs, the monopolized company has been constantly suing and appearing in court for about three years now and has constantly lost trials in regional courts around the United states until it was finally taken to the copyright infringement high court where Apple made it’s final case and sued the company for $2.5 Billion while Samsung is counter suing for $519 Million also for patent infringement. Both companies have made their final cases to the Jury and Apple has constantly tried their best to convince the court that them winning the case is not only important for the company but it’s also a win for the American copyright system. They strongly believe that Samsung has constantly copied their double tap to zoom feature, their landscape switch motion on the screen as well as even the sizes of their applications.

Apple convinces the jury that the average consumer can be easily confused by the similar software of the devices and therefore when making a decision to purchase one or the other they might mistakenly choose a Samsung product because of it. While Apple makes a strong case with the actual details of the copyright policy it is seemingly taking consumers for ignorant individuals that can’t tell the obvious difference between an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy S III.

   On the other hand Samsung makes the case that competition is allowed to be inspired by the company it’s competing against and it makes no apologies for copying “squares on a screen.” Samsung keeps reinstating the fact that even though the software is similar they came up with the ideas completely on their own and have programed them in a completely different way. Samsung seems to have a decent argument but anyone on the jury who has even remotely studied the history and release of the iPhone can immediately recalled that even from the original Apple clearly patented every detail of the phone and released over a thousand completely unique features that they built from the ground up.


  1. This is a very interesting topic to write about. I’m very familiar with apple but I did not all this was going on. At the same time I agree with you that Samsung copied has copied Apple, but I like how you explained both sides so I could interpret the video better. Your description is clear and easy to understand. There are a lot of good facts in there but I think you can elaborate more on them. I’d like to know more about where the trial is heading and what the verdict will be. Overall I think you did a really good job on the description and interpretation.

  2. It’s not difficult at all to see why Apple would take Samsung to court. To blatantly take ideas and features from a company that actually created them is nothing short of theft. I understand that corporations and companies world-wide must constantly adapt to meet consumers wants, but that doesn’t justify thievery. Your curation is pumped full of factual information and definitely caught my attention.

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