A World of Money

This picture is a statement of both the fast pace of the markets, and the amount of control one can have of the world with just a computer and Internet access.

This picture of a stock exchange gives a visual of the many different moving prices from throughout the day. There are screens all over the room showing the moves in the days prices, which seem to be going down based off of the amount of red on the screens. The very first part of this image that your eye is drawn to is the man on the computer. He is sitting as his desk, looking at two different monitors and seems to be relatively calm. Looking just past his monitors we have a very different man going by us. He is running through the room so fast that he is a blur; the camera is not even able to capture him with his distinctive features because of the rush that he is in.

I believe that two very different messages are being conveyed through this image. The first is displayed through the contrast of the man sitting at his computer, and the other man who is running across the room. This is a clear representation of the contrast between people that work in the stock exchange. Depending on who you are and what you are doing, you may just be sitting at a desk, in complete control of what you are doing. Or you might be running across the trading floor as fast as possible, with the slightest hope of finishing what you need to on time.

The second message that I believe is being conveyed through this image is the pure power and importance of the stock exchanges. The screens all around the room represent almost every part of our world in one way or another. Every stock bond and commodity has a price, and it is being represented on those screens. While every part of our world is priced and put on to a screen for the men and women in that room to view, there is a man simply sitting on his computer, with the world at his fingertips. This represents the power and effect that the stock exchange has on our every day lives, and it emphasizes how calmly one man at a desk can have his say in controlling it. He and everybody else like him at a computer is attempting to profit off of the exchange, and will therefore effect the things that they profit off of, and those things are a part of everybody’s every day life.



  1. I think it’s also important to notice the great contrast between the colors on the exchange board. If this is a current picture or at least one that was taken in the last 8 years it was taken at a time when the economy was in turmoil and that is clearly represented by how much red and orange their is. Which is usually negative stock turns and there are barely any green.

  2. I really liked your mention of the contrast between the speed of the man running through the stock exchange and the man sitting at his desk. Julio’s comment also brings up a very valid point. What does the color of the stocks on the board tell us about the setting of this picture? This is also not exactly how i picture the stock exchange simply because my image of the stock exchange is essentially a bustling room with people running all over the place, where as this only shows one person in motion.

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