Walking in Circles…picture curation #1

Walking in Circles

Many people say art is a wasted profession, but every day they get proven wrong. When someone says time is being wasted, it is only because of the way they value their time. Although many of us are materialistic some people have bigger goals in life. To an artist, money is not the most valuable thing in their life. They do it for the joy of creating and sharing their vision with the world.

There are always shortcuts in life, but sometimes its the time that you take that makes the experience. This is a prime example of that. Simon Beck could have used a shovel, or a snowmobile, or any number of things to create this giant work of art in the snow. Instead he chose to use his own two feet. He simply walked in circles for 10 hours in the snow following a distinct pattern until he created something hundreds of times his size that needs to be photographed from the sky.He was out there making it for at least 10 hours but i know that it must have taken days and days of preparation to make it as geometrically accurate as it is.

The patience and dedication needed to create a “snow angel” of this magnitude again proves my point of artists expressing themselves because they want to. Not because they need to or are trying to profit, the only thing they value is the appreciation of others. And, of course that satisfying feeling of being done with something you worked very hard on and being able to look back at it and be proud. That must have been an immense feeling considering the size of Simon Beck’s project. I cannot even imagine how awe inspiring that sight must have been to people who were physically there.

Jacob Smallwood-Garcia

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  1. Wow, very interesting and extremely original. I’ve never seen a photograph like this before.
    The angle you took in your response is excellent. In a world primarily driven by money, this is a man who truly thinks outside the box. You’re right, a perfect example of how an artist’s view of the world is much different than the average person.
    I really like your written response as is, but here are a couple potential ideas:
    1) maybe start off with just “Many people say art is…..” the beginning sounds a little wordy – although it’s definitely the right idea.
    2) maybe throw in a paragraph about ‘step 1’ as we call it in class. A brief few sentences just laying out what you see in the picture, and then progress into your supported opinions about the subject.
    3) Closing paragraph is solid, but maybe a final sentence to recap your response — just sum up your main points real quick.

    Overall, fantastic.

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