NCAA Football


Priorities, Drew Litton, 600X414 pixels, December 23, 2009

Drew Litton uses this powerful image to express the necessity of establishing a NCAA division 1 football playoff system.

This cartoon features two separate drawings put together to illustrate the importance of playoffs in NCAA football. The cartoon shows a mother and son sitting on the couch as the husband walks by with a powerful shirt. Immediately we focus our attention to the husband’s shirt. The shirt says, “to heck with health care reform”, “give us college football playoffs”. As a result, the observer of this cartoon can draw conclusions to how Drew thinks about the NCAA bowl system. Another aspect of the illustration that catches the viewers’ attention is the mother’s reaction as her husband walks by. From the mother’s positive reaction, one can figure that she also agrees with importance of obtaining a NCAA playoff system. Unlike the mother, the son seems to react in a negative way. He went from a smile in the first drawing, to a frown in the next. From this, the observers can interpret his response to changing from a classical college football system to a new untested system.

After looking at the reaction from the mother and father compared to the son’s, one can interpret the older generation’s view against the younger generation’s view. The older generation seems to be content with change, after seeing a system prove incapable of finding the true champion of NCAA football. Away from that, the illustration also symbolizes the ignorance in American culture. Observers can see the priorities in the typical American family. The people seem to care more about sports then the nation wide problem of health care reform.

This illustration has a few different points you can draw from it, some clear and easy to find, others tougher to see or perceive. First off, the most obvious point is that the artist believes not having a NCAA playoff system is a pressing problem. He purposely drew a typical looking American family so that it would connect to most average Americans. Another thing you can interpret from this cartoon is the fact that the younger generation seems to not be as happy with change as the older generation. The young kid seemed to be disgusted with his dad’s shirt, which gets the observers wondering what he is disgusted at. Is it the change the NCAA football system? Or is it because his father is more concerned with sports then health reform? Personally, I believe the boy is disappointed with his father’s choice of priorities in life. The boy symbolizes the innocence in young kids. As people get older the innocence is lost, and people’s values begin to change. Drew does an excellent job of leaving questions up for the viewers to think about and interpret in their own way.


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  1. I really like the way you broke the cartoon apart simply and then waited until the end to say what it meant. However, I disagree with your overall opinion of what the cartoon means. I think it makes more sense that the generations would be disagreeing about football rather than health care (What 10 year old boy knows what health care is?) But I think you’re writing is great.. Kept me engaged and interested in what you had to say.

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